14kg 17kg 22kg High Precision Coupling for Construction Hoist

14kg 17kg 22kg High CZPT Coupling for CZPT CZPT

Quincunx elastic coupling is largely appropriate for frequent commencing and good &negative, higher speed, medium torque and calls for higher dependability of the workplace, and so on. 
In comparison with other coupling, plum flower sort elastic coupling has the following attributes:
(1) the perform is steady and dependable, has the great vibration damping, buffer and electrical insulating homes.
(2) basic composition, small radial size, gentle weight, small moment of inertia, is ideal for the situation at a substantial pace.
(3) has a larger Angle to the axial, radial and payment ability.
(4) large-strength dress in-resistant oil resistant polyurethane elastic ingredient, big carrying capability, prolonged service existence, safe and dependable.
(five) coupling CZPT lubrication, considerably less maintenance workload, can operate for a extended time constantly.1. The LMS (MLS) – double flange quincunx elastic coupling is mainly composed of two intently with convex tooth meshing and radial extrusion to transfer torque, when two axis has relative offset, corresponding elastic deformation of the elastic component, automated payment influence.

Coupling Shaft

nominal torque 25 ~ 12500 nm, allowable velocity of 1500 ~ 15300 r/min.

Coupling Shaft
Large quality construction hoist spare parts 
Substantial top quality GJJ, BAODA materials hoist spare areas
All sorts of hoist spare components , GJJ,BAODA,CZPT,TIGER,
Driving unit with two-motors / three-motors
motor: 11kw, fourteen.5kw,18kw
motor spare components: braking technique brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor fan.
protection device: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN
gearbox: 16:one,fourteen:1,12:110:one
coupling with rubber
learn rollers for 76 tube and 89 tube
equipment rack M8 40x60x1508mm
equipment pinion: M8,15teeth
restrict swap
gate rollers
counter rollers
Overload safeguard program
cable: 3×16+2×6, 3×16+2×10
building hoist Rubber

All sorts of hoist spare components
Driving unit with two-motors / 3-motors
motor: 11kw, 14.5kw,18kw
motor spare components: braking system brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor supporter.
basic safety unit: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN
gearbox: 16:1,14:1,twelve:110:one

14kg 17kg 22kg High CZPT Coupling for CZPT CZPT