3 8″ Plastic Quick Urea Pipe Connector Used for SCR System

3/eight” CZPT Fast Urea Pipe Connector Utilised For SCR System


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Fast connector

Gas pipe line assembly

Urea pipe line assembly/SCR Adblue tube assembly

Pipeline conclude plug & vehicle plastic areas


1) the style and creation
Innovative, protected and rapid, Our rapid connect fittings produced of artificial material are suited for most media carrying traces. Be it gas , oil vapor , drinking water cooling and air carrying lines . We supply the notion implies of connection. These quick connectors are specifically suited to being matched up with the automotive pipe technique.
The design and manufacturing of swift connector are strictly accord with SAE J2044-2009. Rapid connect coupling specification for liquid gas and vapor or emissions methods . If the merchandise does not meet client requirements, we can design and manufacture in accordance to buyers needs. Plug-in and sel-locking structure permits hook up and disconnect more fast and less complicated. The place needed for the procedure is only the width of a finger on the two sides. These characteristics make certain more quickly connector can be higher-density arrangement and an enhance in buyer design versatility.

two) Protection of swift connector
Rapid connector with double sealing rings radial sealing construction, modified rubber o-rings employed, mostly for fluid The physics chemistry, custom made, anti-growing older, corrosion, and inflammation outer o-rings are separated by the intermediate spacer ring. Corresponding space on the two sealing ring, rubber substrate bonding does not happen, the outer synthetic rubber o-rings used, Elevated mechanical properties. protecting against air ageing. Sealing ring and spacer ring by means of the outer ring of elastic clamping device securely mounted in Shell will not consequence in phenomena such as ring falls of, and change. CZPT seal stability is confirmed. 

3) Material Of Quick Connector

Parts Substance Supplier Application
  PA66 GF30/35 BASF DUPONT Gasoline Steam
  PA6/6T GF25 BASF   HT Gas
  PA9T GF30 KURARAY   HT Gasoline
Locking CZPT PA11 ARKEMA   Fuel
  PA66 BASF DUPONT Fuel, Steam
Securing Ring PA12 GF30 ARKEMA EVONIK Fuel,Steam,Urea,A/C ,          Power Steering Technique
  PA6/6T GF30 BASF   HT Gasoline
  PA66GF 30/35 BASF   Fuel Steam
HUTCHINS ON GMORS Gas,Steam,Urea,A/C           Power Steering Method


4) Working environment of swift connector
Gasoline and diesel gas shipping and delivery programs , Ethanol , methanol or all-natural gasoline delivery programs or their vapor venting or evaporative emission control systems

Functioning force 5bar (72psi)
Functioning force
in Vacuum
-.55bar (-7.2psi)
Working temperature -forty-115ºC ,  short time 150ºC


5) Connect &disconnect peration approach of swift connector
Swift connector is produced up of body , in o-ring , out o-ring , spacer ring , securing ring and locking spring . When a mating tube end piece inserts the connector , as locking spring has specific elasticity , Tie clip fastener to connect two connectors jointly ,and then pull again to assure comprehensive connection. Repair or take away the fast connector is difference . very first CZPT push the male connector and press the clip button , lock growth , you can easily pull out the connector please be aware,SAE thirtieth hefty oil lubrication ought to be utilized prior to Reseat

The Action of inserts the connector  

The Step of inserts the connector