Best Sale High Torque Low Price Diaphragm Coupling

Best Sale High Torque Low Price Diaphragm Coupling

                            Diaphragm Coupling Shaft Coupling &lparJMI&rpar
JM Series Diaphragm Coupling of flexible metal flexible coupling&comma which depend on the steel diaphragm to transmit torque from the main link&comma determination&comma has the positive aspects of elastic damping and no lubrication&comma no noise&comma is an ideal solution for replacing the gear coupling and coupling existing&period It can compensate the axial&comma radial and angular deviation induced by the producing error&comma set up mistake&comma bearing deformation and the alter of temperature increase&period of time
The major qualities of JM Collection Diaphragm Coupling&colon
one&periodCompensation two axis misalignment of the capacity&comma and tooth type coupling can be significantly much more than a double angle displacement&comma radial displacement of the tiny&comma adaptable&comma allowing a specific axial&comma radial and angular displacement&period of time
2&period Obvious damping effect&comma no noise&comma no wear and tear&interval
3&periodHigh transmission performance&comma up to ninety nine&period86&percnt&period of time Specifically suited for medium and high pace substantial electricity transmission&interval
4&periodAdapt to higher temperature &lpar-eighty&plus300&rpar and harsh atmosphere&comma and can be in shock&comma vibration&comma basic safety and dynamic problems&period
five&periodSimple structure&comma light-weight weight&comma small dimension&comma hassle-free assembly and disassembly&period Without having transferring the device can be disassembled &lparwith intermediate kind&rpar&comma no want of lubrication&period of time
six&periodAccurately convey the rotational pace&comma the procedure has not turned poor&comma can be utilised for the transmission of precision machinery&time period
JM sequence diaphragm versatile coupling is extensively utilised in equipment and gear business&comma metallurgy&comma mines&comma petroleum&comma chemical&comma electric powered energy&comma shipbuilding&comma lifting transport&comma textile&comma mild market&comma agricultural equipment&comma printing equipment and water pump&comma enthusiast&comma and so on&period in the transmission of electricity machine&time period

&solr·mi -1


kg·m 2 

Y J&commaJ1&comma 
L L L1
JMI1 twenty five eighty 6000 14 32 J1  27 Z1 20 35 ninety 1×10 4 8&period8 &period0007 1
sixteen&comma18&comma19 42 thirty
twenty&comma22 52 38
JMI2 sixty three a hundred and eighty 5000 eighteen&comma19 forty two thirty 45 100 1&period4×10 4 9&period5 &period001 1&period3
twenty&comma22&comma24 52 38
25 sixty two forty four
JMI3 a hundred 315 5000 20&comma22&comma24 fifty two 38 50 a hundred and twenty one&period87×10 4 eleven &period571 2&period3
twenty five&comma28 62 forty four
thirty 82 60
JMI4 a hundred and sixty five hundred 4500 24 fifty two 38 55 one hundred thirty 3&period12×10 four 12&period5 &period0037 three&period3
25&comma28 62 forty four
30&comma32&comma35 82 60
JMI5 250 710 4000 28 62 44 sixty 150 four&period32×10 4 fourteen &period0083 five&period3
30&comma32&comma35&comma38 eighty two sixty
forty 112 eighty four
JMI6 400 1120 3600 32&comma35&comma38 82 eighty two sixty sixty five 170 6&period88×10 4 fifteen&period5 &period0159 8&period7
112 eighty four
JMI7 630 1800 3000 forty&comma42 112 112 84 70 210 ten&period35×10 four 19 &period571 14&period3
60 142 107
JMI8 one thousand 2500 2800 forty five&comma48 112 112 eighty four 80 240 sixteen&period11×10 4 22&period5 &time period 571 22
sixty&comma63&comma65&comma70 142 107
JMI9 1600 4000 2500 fifty five&comma56 112 112 eighty four eighty five 260 26&period17×10 4 24 &period1415 29
142 107
80 172 132
JMI10 2500 6300 2000 63&comma65&comma70 
142 142 107 90 280 7&period88×10 4 17 &period2974 fifty two
eighty&comma85&comma90&comma95 172 132
JMI11 4000 9000 1800 seventy five 142 142 107 95 300 ten&period49×10 four 19&period5 &period4782 sixty nine
eighty&comma85&comma90&comma95 172 132
a hundred&comma110 212 167
JMI12 6300 12500 1600 90&comma95 172 132 a hundred and twenty 340 14&period07×10 4 23 &period8067 94
one hundred&comma110 
&comma120 &comma125
212 167
JMI13 10000 18000 1400 one hundred&comma110 
212 167 one hundred thirty five 380 19&period23×10 4 28 one&period7053 128
a hundred thirty&comma140 252 202
JMI14 16000 28000 1200 120&comma125 212 167 one hundred fifty 420 30&period01×10 4 31 two&period6832 184
one hundred thirty&comma140&comma150 252 202
one hundred sixty 302 242
JMI15 25000 40000 1120 one hundred forty&comma150 252 202 180 480 47&period46×10 4 37&period5 four&period8015 263
one hundred sixty&comma170&comma180 302 242
JMI16 40000 56000 a thousand 160&comma170&comma180 302 242 two hundred 560 68&period09×10 four forty one 9&period4118 384
one hundred ninety&comma200 352 282
JMI17 63000 80000 900 190&comma200&comma220 352 282 220 630 one zero one&period3×10 four 47 eighteen&period3753 561
240 410 330
JMI18 a hundred thousand 125000 800 220 352 282 250 710 161&period4×10 4 fifty four&period5 28&period2033 723
240&comma250&comma260 410 330
JMI19 160000 200000 seven-hundred 250&comma260 410 330 280 800 seventy nine&period3×10 4 forty eight 66&period5813 1267
280&comma300&comma320 470 380

Our organization supplies various kinds of goods&interval Substantial quality and realistic price tag&period We adhere to the basic principle of “quality initial&comma provider initial&comma ongoing enhancement and innovation to meet up with the consumers” for the administration and “zero defect&comma zero problems” as the high quality objective&time period To best our services&comma we supply the merchandise with very good good quality at the reasonable price&interval

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Manufacturing facility Address&colon
No&time period 11&comma HangCZPT Street&comma ChengNan CZPT Park&comma HangCZPT&comma HangCZPT&comma ZheCZPT &comma China
1&period Are u a company&quest
We are a specialist manufacturer specializing in manufacturing cardan shaft and numerous series of couplings&time period We provide couplings for the wholesalers and dealers from different nations around the world&period 
2&period Can you do OEM&quest
 Yes&comma we can&time period We can do OEM & ODM for all the customers with CZPT artworks of PDF or AI structure&interval
three&period How does your factory do relating to high quality handle&quest
Good quality is priority&excl We constantly connect great relevance to good quality controlling from the very beginning to the really end&colon 
1&rpar To start with&comma we have specialised QC division to management the high quality&comma and we also take the 3rd formal authorities to examine the cargoes ahead of shipping&period of time
2&rpar Secondly&comma we have all in depth documents for nonconformity merchandise&comma then we will make summary in accordance to these documents&comma avoid it happen once more&time period
3&rpar Thirdly&comma We do notice the pertinent codes of carry out & laws from federal government in environment&comma human appropriate aspects like no young children labor&comma no prisoner labor and so on&interval
 4&period of time How can I get samples&quest
We are appreciated that new customers shell out for the express charge for samples and this demand will be deducted as soon as orders are released&period

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Best Sale High Torque Low Price Diaphragm Coupling