Construction Hoist Parts Plum-Shaped Flexible Coupling

CZPT CZPT Parts Plum-Shaped Flexible Coupling

Quincunx elastic coupling is primarily ideal for repeated starting and good &negative&comma high speed&comma medium torque and needs higher dependability of the workplace&comma etc&period 

In comparison with other coupling&comma plum flower form elastic coupling has the following characteristics&colon
&lpar1&rpar the operate is secure and reliable&comma has the very good vibration damping&comma buffer and electrical insulating homes&period
&lpar2&rpar easy composition&comma tiny radial size&comma light-weight fat&comma modest second of inertia&comma is suited for the celebration at a higher pace&period
&lpar3&rpar has a more substantial Angle to the axial&comma radial and payment capability&interval
&lpar4&rpar large-energy put on-resistant oil resistant polyurethane elastic component&comma large carrying potential&comma prolonged provider existence&comma secure and reliable&period
&lpar5&rpar coupling CZPT lubrication&comma less routine maintenance workload&comma can operate for a extended time constantly&period1&period of time The LMS &lparMLS&rpar – double flange quincunx elastic coupling is mainly composed of two carefully with convex tooth meshing and radial extrusion to transfer torque&comma when two axis has relative offset&comma corresponding elastic deformation of the elastic component&comma automatic payment result&interval

Coupling Shaft

nominal torque 25 ~ 12500 nm&comma allowable speed of 1500 ~ 15300 r&solmin&time period

CZPT CZPT Parts Plum-Shaped Flexible Coupling