FCL Steel Coupling, FCL Steel Pin, FCL Rubber Bush

FCL Steel Coupling, FCL Steel Pin, FCL Rubber Bush

FCL Metal Coupling, FCL Steel Pin, FCL Rubber Bush (3A2006)

Description: the polyurethane elastomeric is a new materials of polymer synthetic among rubber and plastic. It has equally substantial energy of plastic and large elasticity of rubber. Its qualities are: 1, a broad assortment of hardness. It nonetheless has rubber elongation and resilience at high hardness. The polyurethane elastomeric has a hardness variety of Shore A10-D80. two. higher strength. At rubber hardness, the tensile toughness, tear energy and load carrying ability are much increased than general rubber substance. At substantial hardness, its effect toughness and flexural energy are a lot higher than plastic content. three, dress in-resistant. Its use resistance is really excellent, normally in the assortment of .01-.10cm3/1.61km, about three-five times than rubber substance. four, oil resistant. The polyurethane elastomeric is a extremely polar polymer compound which has low affinity with non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil. five, very good resistance to oxygen and ozone. six, excellent vibration absorption efficiency, can do damping and buffering. In the mildew production industry, it replaces rubber and springs.seven, has very good lower temperature efficiency. eight, radiation resistance. Polyurethane is very resistant to high vitality radiation and has satisfactory overall performance at 10-ten deg radiation dose. nine, with great machining efficiency.


The polyurethane coupling, rubber coupling are produced by injection with higher good quality TPU substance or mould CSM/SBR. It is creating and specific for all types of metal shaft coupling with quite good efficiency of large tensile energy, higher put on resistant, substantial elastic resilience, h2o resistant, oil resistant and excellent exhaustion resilience, higher impact resistant etc. We have full sets injection moulds and supply entire selection of GR, GS, MT, ML, MH, Hb, HRC, L, T, NM and Equipment J series couplings and so on. with high good quality and superb expertise. Utilize to all sorts of industrial metal shaft coupling.


Technical specs:

material: TPU, CSM/SBR, NBR, nylon etc.

color: yellow, crimson, purple, inexperienced, black, beige and many others.

surface: smooth

tensile energy: eight-55Mpa

hardness: 70-98Shore A

elongation: 400%-650%

density: 1.25g/cmthree

elasticity impact: >25%

tear power: 35-155KN/m

akron abrasion reduction:<0.05cmthree/1.61km

compression established (22h*70°C):<10%

working temperature: 120°C

common size for polyurethane coupling: 

GR14, GR19, GR24, GR28, GR38, GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75, GR90, GR100, GR110, GR125, GR140, GR160, GR180

GS14, GS19, GS24, GS28, GS38, GS42, GS48, GS55, GS65, GS75, GS90, GS100, GS110, GS125, GS140, GS160, GS180

MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4, MT5, MT6, MT7, MT8, MT9, MT10, MT11, MT12, MT13

ML1, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5, ML6, ML7, ML8, ML9, ML10, ML11, ML12, ML13

MH45, MH55, MH65, MH80, MH90, MH115, MH130, MH145, MH175, MH200

HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280

L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/ninety five, L99/one hundred, L110, L150, L190, L225, L276

FALK-R 10R, 20R, 30R, 40R, 50R, 60R, 70R, 80R

SBT T40, T45, T50, T55, T60, T65, T70, T75, T80, T85, T90, T95, T100, T105, T108, T110, T115, T120, T125, T130, T135, T140, T145, T150, T154, T170, T185, T190, T210

Joong Ang CR0050, 0070, 571, 571, 2035, 2035A, 3545, 4560, 6070, 7080

MS571, MS571, MS1119, MS1424, MS1928, MS1938, MS2845, MS3860, MS4275, MS6510

D14, D14L, D20, D25, D30, D30L, D35, D40, D45, D49, D55, D65

5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 10H, 11H


standard dimension for rubber coupling:

Hb80, Hb95, Hb110, Hb125, Hb140, Hb160, Hb180, Hb200, Hb240, Hb280, Hb315

HRC70, HRC90, HRC110, HRC130, HRC150, HRC180, HRC230, HRC280

L35, L50, L70, L75, L90/95, L99/100, L110, L150, L190, L225

NM50, NM67, NM82, NM97, NM112, NM128, NM148, NM168, NM194, NM214, NM240, NM265

NOR-MEX168-10, NOR-MEX194-10, NOR-MEX214-10, NOR-MEX240-ten, NOR-MEX265-10

FCL1#, FCL2#, FCL3#, FCL4#, FCL5#, FCL6#, FCL7#, FCL8#

FCL90, FCL100, FCL112, FCL125, FCL140, FCL160, FCL180, FCL200, FCL224, FCL250, FCL280, FCL315, FCL335, FCL400, FCL450, FCL560, FCL630

Gear 3J, 4J, 5J, 6J, 7J, 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J, 12J, 13J, 14J

Hytre 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 11H

Tyre F40, F50, F60, F70, F80, F90, F100, F110, F120, F140, F160 

SBT T75, T80, T85, T90, T95, T100, T105, T108, T110, T115, T120, T125, T130, T135, T140, T145, T150, T154, T170, T210

FCLpin #1, #2, #3, #four, #5, #6, #eight

GR42, GR48, GR55, GR65, GR75


standard size for nylon coupling:

NL1, NL2, NL3, NL4, NL5, NL6, NL7, NL8, NL9, NL10

M28, M32, M38, M42, M48, M58, M65

packing in cartons

OEM & CZPT measurement are agreed

specific supply all types of steel coupling for FCL, NM, MH, HRC, Enjoy Joy, Joongang, Centafelx, XL-GR, Tyre

***when you enquiry, pls confirm type, dimensions number and amount***


FCL Steel Coupling, FCL Steel Pin, FCL Rubber Bush