Gr-Type PU Coupling Damping Pad PU Products

Gr-Type PU Coupling Damping Pad   PU Products

material: PU, PA and EPDM is CZPT
CZPT: GB5272-eighty five
Software: Can compensate the relative deviation, damping, buffering, tiny radial dimension, basic structure, no need of lubrication, the bearing potential is higher, straightforward to keep, but alter the elastic aspect in two shaft coupling wants to transfer along the axial path. Is ideal for connecting two coaxial, recurrent starting, reversing the modifications, low pace, little electrical power transmission, high trustworthiness requirements of shafting components, not suited for hefty load and axial size constraints, areas of the two axis of problems in the substitution of the elastic part.

Torque: 22.four – 2500NM
Use: < 0.05cm3 / 1.61km
Solution hardness: 95A + five
CZPT: GB5272-eighty five
Technical specs:GR19- GR75

substance:According to the variety of diverse supplies in different problems, such as enthusiast, h2o pump, light sector, textile and other stable work, little adjust in load, can be used  polyurethane

customized-produced is welcome
We have all specs  in inventory, so small purchase is CZPT, and delivery quickly.
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Gr-Type PU Coupling Damping Pad   PU Products