Multistage High Capacity Diesel Engine Driven Centrifugal Irrigation Pump

Multistage High Capacity Diesel Engine CZPTn Centrifugal Irrigation Pump

Multistage Substantial Ability Diesel Engine CZPTn
Centrifugal Irrigation Pump

This collection of pump is of sub-horizontal, multi-phase solitary-suction and centrifugal, making use of state-suggested hydromodule. The  pump is effective, reliable, and durable with reduced sound performance, easy routine maintenance and wide scope of use. Our pump is relevant to provide people fluid CZPT solid, particles or any other suspended things, drinking water for instance. While oil and corrosive or reliable-contained fulid can be pumped by implies of materials modification, sealing methods, and cooling technique incorporating.

1.Large Effectiveness and CZPT saving 
 We have produced our exclusive technology for producing, design planning and making, foundry strategies of hydraulic elements to assure their brightness, cleanliness, and exact dimensions. So the true efficiency are at minimum 2% greater than other general multistage centrifugal pumps
2CZPTd process equipment 
CZPTy solitary processed element will have cleaned by implies of CZPTd imported   cleansing equipment for much better assembling worry. Besides substance inspection, hydraulic test, static balancing screening, all pump rotors outside of six grades will have axial motion tested managed inside 5 millisecond, and then the balancing examination shall be manufactured according to G2.5 grade. Recheck axial movement of all shafts right after assembly to guarantee the quality of the pump.
3.Special structure
A sealing -ring is established between balancing ring and fitting surface area of the pump to keep away from large stress drinking water coming into balancing phase and use and tear of the balabcing plate to acquire far better durability,
4.Substance picking
Balancing plate and the eara close to can be made of welding alloy,alloy steel or ductile forged iron QT600Mn2 concerning their substantial surficial hardness and wonderful toughness, Flowing-more than component of MD pump is of abrasion resistant by making use of materials of alloy dress in resistant ductile solid iron or large-grade use-resistant ductile solid iron.
five.Fantastic visual appeal
The appearance of the pump is fine using gain of precise mould casting processes and computerized portray.

CZPT Parameters

Stage Potential CZPT Score
Effectiveness Shaft
NPSHr Impeller
m3/h L/s m r/min % KW m mm kg
two 450 125 130 1480 seventy nine 202 3.sixteen φ455 1750
580 161.1 one hundred twenty eighty two 231 4.eighty four
638 177.two a hundred and ten eighty 239 five.sixteen
3 450 a hundred twenty five 195 1480 seventy nine 302 3.sixteen φ455 1950
580 180 82 346 four.84
638 177.two 165 80 359 5.16
4 450 one hundred twenty five 260 1480 seventy nine 403 three.sixteen φ455 2260
580 240 eighty two 462 four.84
638 177.two 220 80 479 five.sixteen
5 450 a hundred twenty five 325 1480 seventy nine 504 3.16 φ455 2570
580 161.1 three hundred 82 578 4.eighty four
638 177.two 275 80 599 five.16
six 450 125 390 1480 79 605 3.16 φ455 2880
580 161.1 360 eighty two 694 4.eighty four
638 177.2 330 eighty 718 five.sixteen
seven 450 125 455 1480 seventy nine 706 three.16 φ455 3190
580 161.1 420 82 809 4.84
638 177.two 385 eighty 838 five.16
eight 450 a hundred twenty five 520 1480 79 806 3.sixteen φ455 3500
580 161.1 480 eighty two 924 4.84
638 177.2 440 80 958 5.sixteen
nine 450 125 585 1480 seventy nine 907 3.sixteen φ455 3810
580 161.1 540 eighty two 1040 4.84
638 177.2 495 80 1077 five.sixteen
10 450 one hundred twenty five 650 1480 79 1008 three.sixteen φ455 4120
580 600 82 1155 4.eighty four
638 177.two 550 80 1197 five.16


Our Services
1.Supply: Shipping time will be on time as the speak to. Usually, the shipping time is of centrifugal pump is for 15-twenty five functioning days.
2.Warranty: 1 yr for the pump human body, 3 months for the main operating components.
three.Deal:According to your quantity, we use plywood situation which is resilient for ocean transport.
4.Shipping and delivery: By Sea and By Air
five.Payment: We are settle for T/T,L/C,West Union and so on.
six.Pre-product sales Service:In accordance to your requirement, we will give your our career tips of pump remedy.
seven.On-income Support:We will clearly show you every little thing in fact when you spot an order with us. We will normally takes images or videos to display you buy creation situation.
eight.Right after-sales Service: We will entire report you the production development and prepare. Meanwhile, we will follow up the pump functioning circumstances for every three months when the pumps put into use, and can deliver the spare parts to you in 1 7 days if you want.

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Multistage High Capacity Diesel Engine CZPTn Centrifugal Irrigation Pump