Polyurethane Sheets 2, 5mm

Polyurethane Sheets 2, 5mm

material: Polyurethane,
coloration: white, black, yellew, orange
feature: wearable, high qualtiy and very best value

T sort plum 6 corner pump pad

Efficiency and application:

This product is suitable for the pump and the push system to connect the elastic buffer.

Use temperature: 0C ~+eighty 0C -40

Item hardness: five.75A + 5 +

Gauge: T200 – T40

Autos, tractors gearbox seal with nitrile rubber, its bad overall performance. Alternatively polyurethane elastomer seals, has very good overall flexibility, water resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, minimal temperature resistance and mechanical power.
custom made-manufactured is welcome, and the mold charge is for free of charge.

Mold  We can make mold by ourselves with competitive price,
And if the quantity is up to 1000 pcs, the mold is for free.
And more, for various oil seal, we have more than 10,000 molds in stock.
Size range From 10mm to 2000mm Diameter
Weight range of products 5g to 20kg
Colors CZPT  Purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, purple, brown, milk color
processing equipment Rubber molding machines, rubber injection machines, extruding machines.

Polyurethane Sheets 2, 5mm