Replacement Elastic Shaft Coupling Flexible Rubber Coupling for Air Compressor Parts

CZPT Elastic Shaft Coupling Flexible Rubber Coupling for Air Compressor Parts

Product info

Rubber Flexible Shaft Coupling 88290001-904 CZPT elements
Brief introduction for CZPT CZPT Flexible rubber coupling connector joints
Description: rubber coupling
with substantial good quality and low price 




screw CZPT flexible coupling 
with higher high quality and low price 


Businesss scope


                             Business scope
CZPT Seal :
Temperature Sensor Pressure Sensor
Upkeep Kits Solenoid Valve Thermostatic Valve
Air ingestion Wheel Gear
Stress Maintaining   Valve
Air Filter Oil Separator Oil Filter
Oil Stage Indicator Circuit Board CZPT Manage Air ingestion valve
Employed CZPT Air-end Oil stage indicator


Additional info


No Design Gas displacement m3/min Electrical power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5/8bar 10bar 13bar
1 GA5P FM .9 .8 .seven .5 5
2 GA7P FM 1.2 one.1 one .eight 7
three GA11P FM one.7 one.six one.5 one.2 11
4 GXe15P FM two.fifty eight 2.36 two.eighteen one.81 15
five GXe18P FM three.15 three.01 two.61 two.23 18
six GXe22P FM three.sixty one three.five 22
seven GAe11P 2 1.nine 1.six one.2 11
8 GAe15P 2.five two.three one.nine 15
9 GAe18P three.3 2.7 two.three eighteen
ten GAe22P three.eight 3.3 2.eight 22
11 GAe26P four.3 4 three.1 26
twelve GAe30P 4.eight four.5 four.3 30
thirteen GA11+P 2 1.eight one.five eleven
fourteen GA15+P 2.8 2.six two.four two fifteen
15 GA18+P 3.five 3.3 2.nine two.5 18
sixteen GA22+P four.1 3.nine three.5 three 22
seventeen GA26+P four.eight 4.6 four.2 three.6 26
eighteen GA30P 5.four 5.2 four.8 thirty
19 GA30+AP six.1 6.(8bar) 4.8 3.9 thirty
20 GA37AP six.4 6.3(8bar) five.6 4.5 37
21 GA37+AP 6.9(8bar) 5.nine four.nine 37
22 GA45AP seven.7 seven.three(8bar) 6.5 five.five forty five
23 GA45+AP eight.six eight.(8bar) seven.3 forty five
24 GA55AP ten 9.three(8bar) eight.six 7.4 55
25 GA55+(A/W)P ten.6 eight.7 ~~~ fifty five
26 GA75AP thirteen.1 twelve.3(8bar) 11 nine.7 seventy five
27 GA75+(A/W)P 14.7 13.8(8bar) 12.2 ten.two seventy five
28 GA90(A/W)P 16.2 fifteen.6(8bar) 14.1 twelve 90
Desk 2            
No Model Gas displacement m3/min Electricity(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 14bar
one GA90-(W) 16.8 15.eight fourteen.four eleven.1 ninety
2 GA110(W) twenty 18.eight 17 13.9 110
three GA132(W) 24.1 22.nine 21 sixteen.eight 132
four GA160(W) thirty.4 28.nine 26.8 160
No Product Fuel displacement m3/min Electrical power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 13bar
5 GA200(W) 36.1 34 30.7 26.1 two hundred
6 GA250(W) forty three.7 forty 37.eight 250
seven GA315(W) 55 52 forty eight   315
8 GA355(W) sixty 57 fifty three forty six 355

one. What is actually Minimum Purchase CZPTtity of your CZPT part?

the MOQ is 1pc, want you pay out for the shipping and delivery value.

2. What is kind of your packaging for the CZPT part?
neutral packing or manufacturer pack as your prerequisite

three. Could I get some samples? How could i pay the sample payment?
indeed, we can offer sample, but not cost-free.
payment: paypal, westunion ,TT

4. How lengthy is your Shipping and delivery Direct Time ?   
If there is inventory, the lead time is about 2 WORKING Days soon after we get the payment, if need to be developed, it depens.

5. Could you Compute the delivery value for me?
Of course, we are honored to do that for you! Before the freight , please effectively allow us know which seaport or airport close to your location.
six. what is actually the supply way?
delivery way: air freight, convey, sea

NO Model Description P/N
one GA11-22 Unloading valve kit 295715711
2 Min pressure valve package 2957100600
three Drain valve kit 2957171200
4 GA30-37-45 Drain valve package 2957121900
five Min force valve kit 2957121800
six Check valve kit 2957121200
7 Oil stop valve package 2957121700
8 Unloading valve package 2957121100
9 Thermostat valve package 1619733300
10 GA55-75-90C Oil check valve package 2957107200
eleven Check out valve kit 29571 571
12 Min strain valve kit 2957121800
13 Unloading valve kit 2957144800
14 Thermostat valve package 2957107400
15 Drain valve kit 2957184500
sixteen Drain valve kit 295715710
seventeen Oil quit valve package 2901108400
eighteen Unloading valve kit 2957129900
19 GA90-250 Take a look at valve kit 29060 571
twenty Oil check valve package 2906009400
21 Min pressure valve kit 2906009600
22 Regulating valve kit 29065710
23 Thermostat valve package 1619756000
24 Unloading valve kit 2906 571 00
twenty five Connector kit 290657100
26 Drain valve kit 2957174900
27 GA22+ Unloading valve package 2957116100(with blow off valve)
28 Unloading valve kit 2957116100(CZPT blow off valve)
29 Examine valve kit 2957150301
  Oil cease valve kit 2957121701
30 Min pressure valve package 2901145300
31 Thermostat valve package 2901161600
32 GA37+ Unloading valve package 2901162200(with blow off valve)
33 Unloading valve package 2901162200(CZPT blow off valve)
34 Check out valve kit 2957150301
35 Oil cease valve kit 2901108401
36 Min strain valve package 2901145300
37 Thermostat valve package 2901161600
38 GA75+ Unloading valve package 2901146300(with blow off valve)
39 Unloading valve package 2901146300(CZPT blow off valve)
40 Check out valve kit 2957150301
41 Oil stop valve package 2901108401
forty two Min strain valve package 2901145300
43 Thermostat valve kit 1622375980


Additional data


No Design Fuel displacement m3/min Energy(kw)
 7.5bar  8.five/8bar 10bar 13bar
one GA5P FM .nine .8 .7 .5 5
2 GA7P FM 1.two 1 .8 seven
3 GA11P FM one.7 one.six one.five 1.2 eleven
4 GXe15P FM two.fifty eight 2.36 2.18 1.eighty one fifteen
five GXe18P FM 3.fifteen 3.01 2.61 2.23 18
6 GXe22P FM three.61 3.five three.1 two.7 22
seven GAe11P 2 one.9 1.six one.two 11
eight GAe15P two.7 two.five two.3 one.nine fifteen
nine GAe18P 3.3 2.three eighteen
ten GAe22P three.8 three.7 3.three 2.eight 22
eleven GAe26P 4.three four 3.7 3.1 26
12 GAe30P 4.8 4.5 four.three 3.7 30
thirteen GA11+P two 1.8 one.five eleven
14 GA15+P 2.8 2.six two.4 2 15
fifteen GA18+P three.5 3.three 2.nine 2.5 eighteen
sixteen GA22+P 4.1 three.nine three.five 3 22
seventeen GA26+P 4.eight 4.six 4.2 three.6 26
eighteen GA30P five.4 5.2 4.eight 4.1 30
19 GA30+AP 6.1 six.(8bar) four.8 three.9 30
20 GA37AP six.four six.3(8bar) five.six four.five 37
21 GA37+AP 7.1 six.9(8bar) 5.9 four.9 37
22 GA45AP seven.three(8bar) 6.5 5.5 forty five
23 GA45+AP 8.six 8.(8bar) 7.3 forty five
24 GA55AP 10 9.3(8bar) 8.6 7.four fifty five
25 GA55+(A/W)P 10.six 10.1(8bar) eight.7 ~~~ fifty five
26 GA75AP thirteen.1 twelve.3(8bar) 11 nine.7 seventy five
27 GA75+(A/W)P 14.7 thirteen.eight(8bar) 12.two 10.two 75
28 GA90(A/W)P sixteen.two fifteen.6(8bar) fourteen.1 twelve ninety
Table two            
No Design Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 14bar
1 GA90-(W) sixteen.8 fifteen.8 14.four 11.1 90
two GA110(W) 20 eighteen.8 seventeen thirteen.9 one hundred ten
three GA132(W) 22.nine 21 sixteen.8 132
four GA160(W) 30.four 28.9 26.8 21.7 160
No Product Fuel displacement m3/min Electrical power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 13bar
five GA200(W) 36.1 34 30.7 200
six GA250(W) forty three.7 41.7 37.eight 31.7 250
7 GA315(W) 55 52 forty eight   315
8 GA355(W) 60 fifty seven fifty three 46 355

Lubricant oil
compressor oil
screw CZPT lubricant oil
lubricant oil 1615594900
lubricant oil
compressor oil
screw CZPT lubricant oil
lubricant oil 1615594900
Superb oxidation resistance 
Keeps the compressor clean on the inside and helps prevent contaminants from clogging the filter aspects.Guarantees maximum output in among provider in tervals.
Superb drinking water separation
Safeguards against corrosin and the development of hamful deposits. Stops emulsified water in oil that minimizes the circulation to lubrication stage and inspire damages of the bearings.
Superb seal and paint compatibility 
Decreases risk of leakage and no require for re-sealing.
Balanced composition on antifoam
Retains the oil cleanse and helps prevent blocking of the oil separator, guaranteeing a low oil have over.
Top defense from wear
Safeguards seals, bearings and rotors of the compressor in opposition to adverse consequences of humidity contamination and acidic attacks.Extends life span of relocating parts.five,why us?
one. when the items will be shipped?
the shipping and delivery will be arranged during 1-3 working times after the payment obtained.

2. what’s the payment strategy?
T/T (USD account), western union, paypel

3. you are the trade company or manufacturing unit?
of course we are factory, we solution nearly all kinds of CZPT components which includes oil free of charge CZPT elements, we nonetheless can rebuild airend.

4.what is the payment phrase?
100% TT in CZPT, if the volume out of 30000 USD, so it can be thirty% in CZPT and 70% ahead of delivery


CZPT Elastic Shaft Coupling Flexible Rubber Coupling for Air Compressor Parts