Shantui Hydraulic Crawler Bulldozer Dh13b2 with Ripper Winch for Sale

Shantui CZPT Crawler Bulldozer Dh13b2 with Ripper  Winch for Sale

CZPTi CZPT Crawler Bulldozer DH13B2 with Ripper /Winch for Sale

CZPT Features:

DH13 is a new era regular completely-hydraulic bulldozer. The two-circuit electronically

controlled static force generate technique can intelligently adapt to the load variation and understand

loaded steering and pivot steering, that includes high functioning flexibility and effectiveness and lower gasoline

intake. The pilot control for the working unit hydraulic system attributes easy and delicate operations. The sealed shock-absorbing taxi functions big space, higher safety and ease and comfort, and low sounds. The modular construction characteristics low malfunction rate and straightforward upkeep.

It truly is largely used in the backfill of earthwork and the managing of other bulk components and is

appropriate for the operations of streets, railways, drinking water conversancy assignments, land improvement, and factories and mines. Many thanks to tiny turning radius, it can obtain exceptional operation performances in the slim websites.

Overall performance Parameters:

Product DH13B2
Overall performance PARAMETERS Operatiing     Fat (kg) 13400(XL)   13920(LGP)
Internet horsepower (kw/hp) ninety seven/130@2200
Least turning radius (mm) 3324
Ground stress (kpa) 39.9(XL)   33.two/30.six(LGP)
Motor Design Weichai   WP6
Emission China   Phase II
Sort water-cooled,   in-line, 4-cycle, immediate injection and turbocharged
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×105mm×130mm
Piston displacement (L) six.75
Rated horsepower (kw/hp/rpm) one zero five/141@2200
Optimum torque (N.m/r/min) 564   / 1400-1600
Dimensions Duration     (mm) 4924(Traction   frame)
Width (mm) 3380
Top (mm) 3047
Touring Performance CZPT/Reverse     (km/h) ~10
Gradeability (deg) thirty
Clearance (mm) 365
TRANSMISSION Touring   pump(Linde) Variable   displacement piston pump, greatest stream 105ml/r
Traveling motor(Linde) Variable   displacement piston motor, greatest flow 165ml/r
Coupling Elastic   coupling
Final driver one   amount straight equipment + 1 stage planetary deceleration
Brake Generally   closed brake,damp friction   disc, compressed with disc spring, hydraulic separation
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Pivot   balanced beam, suspended structure of equalizer
Monitor gauge (mm) 1780(XL)   2000(LGP)
Shoe width (mm) 560(XL)   seven hundred/760(LGP)
Monitor length on floor (mm) 2640
Number of sneakers (each and every side) forty
Pitch (mm) a hundred ninety
CZPT rollers (each side) 2
Keep track of rollers (each aspect) 7
TANK Capacity Gasoline   tank potential (L) 238
CZPT oil tank potential (L) 55
Transmission hydraulic tank capability (L)
Operating equipmnet Blade   width (mm) 3380
Blade peak (mm) 1306
Blade capability (m³) three.42
Ripper(Optional) Ripper   type three-shank
Excess weight(kg) 1035
Max. digging depth(mm) five hundred


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Shantui CZPT Crawler Bulldozer Dh13b2 with Ripper  Winch for Sale