Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol Wire

Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol Wire

Nitinol wire is a metal alloy, sometimes also called Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire.
Nitinol is an illustration of a “smart” materials that undergoes modifications amongst two reliable phases, known as the austenite and martensite phases, that require rearrangement of its atoms within its crystal lattice. Nitinol is unusual in that it “remembers” its shape because the its crystal composition arrangement is not altered for the duration of a section modify.

Conditions Chilly-Labored, Straight Pressure Annealed, Condition Established Annealed
Surfaces Shiny Black Oxide, CZPTly Polished, Ultrafine Polished, CZPTer Particular Needs
Dimension Diameters from .01mm to 5 mm and earlier mentioned
Size Coils or CZPTers’ Requests
Packing CZPT seaworthy packages or as your requests

Our Nitinol wire goods can be produced to engineered mechanical houses designed for your finish use and producing processes.

Superelastic and Condition Memory CZPT Transformation Temperatures:
CZPT Alloy Formulations Feasible.

Nitinol Fundamentals:
Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy distinguished from other components by its form memory and superelastic attributes.
Nitinol wire is the most mature kind of this special superelastic and form memory alloy, It is CZPT in numerous various sizes, alloys and finishes. And, form memory and superelastic kinds are both provided. Niti form memory alloys are gaining escalating use in the healthcare unit sector for Nitinol catheter stents, guidewires and other crucial applications.

Actual physical Qualities of Nitinol:
Density: 6.45gms/cc
Melting Temperature: 1240-1310° C
Resistivity (hello-temp state): 82 uohm-cm
Resistivity (lo-temp point out): 76 uohm-cm
Thermal Conductivity: .1 W/cm-° C
Heat Capability: .077 cal/gm-° C
Latent Warmth: 5.78 cal/gm 24.2 J/gm
Magnetic Susceptibility (hi-temp):3.8 uemu/gm
Magnetic Susceptibility (lo-temp): two.5 uemu/gm

CZPT Homes of Nitinol:
Greatest Tensile CZPT: 754 – 960 MPa or 110 – a hundred and forty ksi
Standard Elongation to Fracture: 15.five %
Typical Generate CZPT (hi-temp): 560 MPa, eighty ksi
Common Yield CZPT (lo-temp): 100 MPa, fifteen ksi
Approximate Elastic Modulus (hi-tem): seventy five GPa, eleven Mpsi
Approximate Elastic Modulus (lo-temp): 28 GPa, 4 Mpsi
Approximate Poisson’s Ratio: .3

CZPT Conversion Efficiency: five%
Function Output: ~one Joule/gram

Condition Memory Alloys Description:
The time period Condition Memory Alloys (SMA) is utilized to a group of metallic materials that demonstrate the potential to return to some earlier defined condition or dimension when subjected to the proper thermal procedure. CZPTly, these resources can be plastically deformed at some comparatively lower temperature, and upon exposure to some higher temperature they will return to their form prior to the deformation.

Nitinol presently finds use in antennas, flexible eyeglasses, orthodontic braces, aerospace release mechanisms, healthcare gadgets like stents and endoscopic information wires, greenhouse window openers, very hot water scald-prevention valves, magicians tricks and several more.

Allotech’s nitinol wire supports the most sophisticated of ingredient designs demanding intricate geometric styles. By good-tuning the wire’s chemical composition and thermal processing, Allotech has achieved wire with the overall flexibility and kink-resistance central to health care device applications, which includes stents, catheters, endodontic data files, needles, trocars, mandrels, baskets, surgical instruments, snares and guidewires.
Nitinol wire has also been helpful in industrial applications, these kinds of as couplings, actuators, sealing higher-pressure gas passages, and in professional purposes these kinds of as cellphone antennae and eyeglass frames. Clients specify their preferred operating temperature, and how the content should behave, and how Allotech should adjust the composition accordingly.

Nitinol, like other materials, has limitations. If a helix of wire is stretched also a lot, it will be completely damages. If it is subjected to as well fantastic a force in the course of thermal shape-memory restoration, it will lose its form-memory. Specifically, if Nitinol is subjected to a cycle in which it is cooled, elongated by stretching, and heated CZPT becoming allowed to agreement (e.g., held at a continuous duration) the capacity to do work will diminish in just a handful of cycles. If, on the other hand, the sample (e.g., a Nitinol wire in tension) is permitted to contract against a consistent pressure throughout heating, the ability of the wire to do work could be enhanced with cycling, and the wire will rapidly stabilize so that succeeding cycles are recurring.

At Allotech, all incoming Nitinol raw materials are inspected to guarantee they satisfy proprietary internal requirements for chemistry, ingot transformation temperature, material homogeneity, and microstructure. Optimized to encourage an exceptionally easy and uniform floor end quality, all wire merchandise make use of a proprietary solitary and multi crystalline diamond drawing die technological innovation. Soon after the appropriate tremendous-elastic heat treatment method, medical quality Nitinol will accommodate strain up to eight% CZPT permanent kinking at physique temperature. 
We offer nitinol wire in their “as drawn” condition for experimenters who desire to form and train their possess styles. They must be “cooked” (fashioned and annealed) in get to show their shape memory qualities, and the many parameters of time, temperature and processing can give broad-ranging benefits.

If your Nitinol item need to have falls outdoors of the standard health care grade substance or the CZPT item forms, please get in touch with us. Our Nitinol software sales engineers will be glad to aid.

Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol Wire