DJ-Z Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump

DJ-Z CZPT Diaphragm Metering Pump

Transient introduction:
DJ-Z collection mechanical diaphragm sort metering pumps are primarily reciprocating metering pumps. The variety of cylinders can be divided into solitary cylinder, double cylinder and triple cylinder.


Flow rate: Q= ~1200 (L/H)
Total head: H=~three (m)
Pump speed: n=1450/2900rpm
Design temperature: T=-30~60ºC
Suction pressure.: Max. 2 bar
Discharge strain: Max. 10 bar

1.  Cost-powerful, usually applicable to the pressure demands of the drinking water remedy market
2.  With eccentric construction, there is no leakage on the whole, which can be positioned on the tank or pipeline
three.  Cast aluminum shell, large heat dissipation overall performance, the all round fat is mild, ideal for all varieties of acid and alkali liquid
four.  Pump wetted portion content is PVC, PTFE, or stainless steel
5.  When the pump runs or stops, the flow can be modified at will and the output can be quantified
six.  The diaphragm metering pump is created of compressed multi-layer construction. The first layer is the acid resistant film of super-toughness Teflon, the next layer is EPDM elastic rubber, the 3rd layer is 3mm thick SS304 supporting iron main, the fourth layer is bolstered with reinforced nylon fiber, and the fifth layer is completely wrapped with EPDM elastic rubber, which can properly improve the support daily life of the diaphragm


The pump can be commonly utilized in petroleum, chemical, textile, food, paper, atomic power engineering, electricity vegetation, plastics, prescribed drugs, drinking water plants, environmental security and other industrial and scientific sectors, for the exact quantitative supply of liquid CZPT solid particles to pressurized or atmospheric vessels and pipeline


DJ-Z CZPT Diaphragm Metering Pump