Yellow Air Hose From Professionla Rubber Hose Supplier

Yellow Air Hose From Professionla Rubber Hose Supplier

·Made from non-harmful material&period of time
·Light&comma adaptable&comma clear pipe human body&comma delicate and elastic&interval
·Size can be revised on prerequisite&interval
·Widely utilized in low strain conditions for fitting of sanitary foodstuff sector&comma devices&comma civil engineering and aquatic animals products&period
·We can make the substantial temperature hose up to &plus120ºC relies upon on the making use of atmosphere&period

British Measurement Metric Measurement Size W&periodP&time period B&periodP&period of time Bodyweight Quantity
I&periodD&period O&periodD&period
Inch mm mm m&solroll Bar Bar Kg&solroll CBM&solroll
1&sol4 six 8 a hundred 1&period5 5 2&period70 &period016
three&sol8 ten twelve a hundred one&period5 4 4&period30 &period019
one&sol2 12 fifteen 50 1&period0 4 4&period00 &period571
five&sol8 15 18 50 one&period0 three four&period80 &period571
3&sol4 19 22 fifty one&period0 3 6&period00 &period047
1 twenty five 30 50 1&period0 three 13&period40 &period070
1-1&sol4 32 38 fifty one&period0 three sixteen&period40 &period068
one-1&sol2 38 forty four forty one&period0 two&period5 19&period20 &period122
2 50 58 forty one&period0 2&period5 33&period80 &period226

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Yellow Air Hose From Professionla Rubber Hose Supplier